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My wife and I chose Rollins mansion for our wedding venue earlier this year. Although there are many incredible things to say about this venue, the one that comes to mind the most is “stunning.” The architecture of the building brings so many candid photo opportunities as well as interesting conversations for guests. Its natural beauty needs little decor meaning budget can be spent on other things. And the near labyrinth like floor plan is sometimes mesmerizing but also intriguing, leaving guests to wander and engulf themselves in their natural curiosity. The staff of the venue are professional, very easy to work with, incredibly helpful. The food was cooked to perfection and tasted amazing even on a bright, sunny day. The butlers were always near and were very quick with delivering food and cleaning tables. The bartender was super approachable and was quick to get drinks to the counter. And the vendor coordinators Jacky and Brianna were so pleasant to talk to. They responded in a very timely manner, asked the important questions, and were incredible to work with. All in all, if I was asked to give anyone any advice, it would be to choose this venue. There wasn’t a single thing about our day that I couldn’t call perfect.

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